Lost Landscapes

An album of ambient guitar atmospherics with visual accompaniment

by Lost Chocolate Lab

Lost Landscapes

By Lost Chocolate Lab

Released 31 August 2018


Live Landscapes

Realtime Effects Pedal Solo Guitar Manipulation




Lost Landscapes is available across multiple formats and playback types.


"Hearing and experiencing a track like “Contents Floating” renews my faith that great music is made by artists who aren’t afraid to take chances creatively and be experimental." – Theron Moore, New Noise Magazine

"Lost Chocolate Lab is a virtuoso guitarist who knows how to blend the amazing sound of his guitar with ambient noise, creating the perfect recipe for meditation and relaxation. " – Bob Leggett, LA Music Critic

"...a man with his guitar and pedals, creating a multipolar psychedelic noise rock shoegaze library, and pulling from a dictionary of space rock chords and melodies." – Mike Dimitriou, Stereo Embers Magazine

"...it is an album have wash over you, these are not songs but the musical equivalent of shifting hues within the same colour range and for all its strange slow burning dynamic, its beguiling and glacial passing, it is an album of intrigue, patience and grace, one to be absorbed by osmosis rather than to be understood or examined." – Dave Franklin, The Swindonian

"Combines improvisation, storytelling and teasing unearthly sounds out of effects-heavy guitars to conjure narratives of ethereal sounds. Meditative and haunting" – Get Into This

"‘Everything Is Heavy’ contains the nearest thing to a riff, occasionally reminiscent of Sleep’s ‘Dopesmoker‘ or the intro to ‘Breaking Into Heaven‘ by the Stone Roses (that musical duality) as it drifts in and out on a wave of psychedelic distortion." – Steve Spithray, God is in the TV Zine

These wide-scope atmospheres have a soundtrack familiarity to them, almost as if they have been pulled from slow-pan shots of a Werner Herzog documentary. – Get Into This


From soft blankets of distortion to hazy clouds of noise, Lost Landscapes is a long-lost love letter to the first wave of shoegaze six-string pioneers, where guitars caterwaul in-collision with cascading waves of reverberation and acrobatic effects-pedal atmospherics.

Recorded over a long-weekend during the 2017 Seattle winter and released August 31st, 2018: Base-tracks laid-down digitally in 2 sessions of single-pass improvisations, a second pass of solo guitar atmospherics added, the sculpting of 10 songs from the resulting output, then mastered by Heba Kadry at Timeless Mastering.

The visual accompaniment to the full Lost Landscapes album was collected during a daily 9-5 commute across the water from Seattle to Bellevue. Soundtracked by evolving landscapes and inexorably linked to a time and place in urban Washington, processing was applied to the visuals in an effort to mirror the unfolding soundscapes that were being refined through a process of daily iteration.

What began as a physical expression manifested in the swirling effect-pedal aesthetic of solo guitar performance was melded to abstract visuals in an audio-visual ballet of tonality and psychedelic imagery.

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