Lost Chocolate Lab


Lost Landscapes

Lost Landscapes is a love letter to the first wave of shoegaze six-string pioneers, the guitars caterwaul in-collision with cascading waves of reverberation and acrobatic atmospherics. Focusing lessons learned through game audio and channeled through effects pedals then woven into sinuous threads of blossoming guitar leads that mess with the flow of time. These songs channel the pure expression of spontaneous composition and improvisation into a collection of ambient guitar work from my fingertips to speaker-cone. After years of electronics and pedalboard experimentation, these songs are the result of a lifetime of trickery and cultivation of eternal tone.

Release Date 8/31/18

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True it is, that JK, JH, DK -

Together with PolyRhythms, Chords, and Drones*- (and also; Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Flute, Cymbals, Poly-Six, Lamb Bells**, Wind Organ, Room Noise, Train, Greeny***, Brush, Vibes****, Self-Oscillating Pedalboard, Llama Toes*****, and Moon*******)

All sing out more beautifully on the new "SEED x3" that on any other which have come to our knowledge.

Thus, conveyed to the audience more precisely the performance of these works is received with enhanced satisfaction.

May the Lab deliver us from the bad musicians who imitate these sounds!

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Beautiful Flute

Beautiful Flute was created by taking the Flute Performance of Julie Kastbauer and Cutting up, Looping, and Manipulating it with various Sound Effects including Delay, Reverse Reverb, Reverb, and Distortion.

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The Butterfly's View

This album is set to take the listener on a journey. Undulating flute, effected and liting, over top a sparse drum pattern & orchestral waves of sampled strings leading the charge. Wild guitar feedback of 2Voophs sprawling outward from organized chaos and the fire of first contact. The titular Butterfly's View, where flute plays the role of the butterfly as it moves through a pummeling urban landscape showered with foriegn noise and outbursts. Was it all a Dream?

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